Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girls Weekend in the Hamptons

Last weekend I left my family to hang out with my childhood friends. Some I'd known since we were toddlers, others since high school. There is something special about a relationship that lasts so long, withstanding differences and distances. This group of seven knows me better than anyone. High school wasn't an easy time, but these girls made it easier. It was remarkable how well we all fell back into conversation as if it had been weeks instead of years.

We gathered at a summer house on Long Island, New York. Some of us are still in Manhattan, but others came from Florida, Washington D.C., Maine and as far as Italy. Jet lagged, job lagged, exhausted from raising children and dogs, we all looked a bit worn on that first evening.

After a dip in the saltwater pool and a glass of wine, we recovered like wilted flowers in fresh water. Laughter and secrets were shared. We stayed up too late and slept in. Nothing was planned but everything happened. Even the weather cooperated for our beach walks.

The only tragedy was forgetting to charge my camera battery, but photos couldn't have captured the inner happiness of being with old friends. They are part of who I am and part of the reason I now write for teens. There's a comfort in knowing that there are many more chapters ahead of us.

What about you: are you still in touch with your childhood friends or have you moved on?


SG said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say that there is something special about a relationship that lasts so long, withstanding differences and distances. With these friends you can right away start off where you left, even if you haven't met each other in ages. And hanging out in such company totally rejuvenates you. I have a couple of friends from my school days that I'm still in touch with. We don't speak very often, meet even more rarely, but whenever we do, it is like the old times again!
Glad that you had such a great time.

walk2write said...

It's wonderful that you were able to reconnect in person with your old buddies. Sadly, I've lost touch with childhood friends. It's probably more my fault than theirs. I did try to keep in touch when I was younger but somehow lost the desire to keep updating everyone on our many changes of address. It would be easier now I guess with social networking, but I'm not sure that I want to put myself (real name) out there on FB or similar sites.

Rose said...

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! My friend and I have been best friends since 5th grade--I won't tell you how long that has been:) She went with me to North Carolina in May along with a newer acquaintance, and what a great week the three of us had together.

We also had a mini-reunion of more than a dozen "girls" from my high school class in April. After losing two of our classmates in the past two years, I think we all realized how much we wanted to re-connect and stay in touch. Whatever conflicts we might have had back in high school have been long forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, what a wonderful weekend it must have been. I agree with you, these childhood friends are somehow special and if the connection lasts, there can't be any better. I still keep in touch with a few of my classmates and I'm always glad to see them or hear from them. Maybe we feel young again with them, don't we? :)

Amanda Summer said...

nothing was planned but everything happened. i love that, sarah. sounds like a wonderful group of friends, you are blessed. i am still in touch with childhood friends, it is in my nature, i guess, as those born under the moon sign are very sentimental. i feel blessed to have and maintain old friendships (even one from kindergarten!) and enjoy ones made more recently in life.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a treat to have such special friendships remain throughout one's life. Yes, I'm still in touch with my very first friend. It's a connection I treasure.

Sarah Laurence said...

Thanks for adding your personal backstories to mine. Blogging is usually such a here and now reflection. It's interesting to look back in time occasionally.

A Cuban In London said...

As it happens, a good friend of mine when we used to be in primary school contacted me the other day on Facebook out of the blue. He has just gone to live in Spain and is now waiting for his family o join him from Cuba. I can't believe that we used to live literally a couple of hundred yards away from each other and yet we hadn't spoken to each other for nigh on 20 years.

I meant to comment on this thread the other day but only remembered it today. :-) I hope you had a fab reunion with your mates.

Greetings from London.

Booksnyc said...

I love your statement - "Nothing was planned but everything happened"- that makes for the best weekends!

I have a group of friends from high school that I am still very close with and also a group from college. I love spending weekends with them