Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oxford Sabbatical Index

To research my novel A MATCH FOR EVE (original working title: NOT CRICKET), I moved with my family to England for a year (2007-8) In 2017 I returned for a second sabbatical to update the manuscript as a contemporary young adult novel. Click on titles to view the posts.

U.K. Sabbatical #1: 2007-2008

Uprooting to England
The Holy Internet Grail
Black Tie at Oriel College
Quince Tree
A Wall of Inequity
Public School Dayboy
Horses in the Mist
Shaping a Novel (S.A.D.)
Savoring Paris (vacation)
Lord & Lady Krebs at Jesus College
Happy Hallowgiving
Philip Pullman on Writing Myth & Religion
The Wizard Earl
Fine Dining in Oxford
Unusual Holiday Lights
Novels About Schools
An English Christmas
Port Meadow Frost
Set on Magdalen College
Hampstead Fairies and Asian Restaurants
Port Meadow Flood
Americans in Oxford
Best Lunch and Tea in Oxford
February Frost
Tanzania Safari (vacation)
Bodleian Library Rules
What is Women's Fiction?
London Art and Gardens
Rousham: a secret garden
Lads in Scotland (vacation)
Oxford Literary Festival 2008
Japanese Influence on French Gardens (vacation)
Best Pubs in Oxford
May Day in Oxford
Down Farm Devon
Port Meadow in Spring
Merton College Stories
Oxford Eights Week
Cornwall Vacation Reading
Shakespeare's Rose
Oxford High Table and Imps
Oxford Rituals
Expat Tips for Sabbatical in England
Oxford Highlights: favorite places and best restaurants

My blog will continue in the USA with occasional flashbacks to England as I write A MATCH FOR EVE. I'm posting twice today. See NYC Limbo.

U.K. Sabbatical #2: January - May 2017

10 Year Blog Anniversary & Sabbatical in England
My Favorite Country Walk to a Pub: The Bell Inn at Aldworth
Winter Walks in Maine vs. England
Literary Highlights of Christ Church College, Oxford University
High Table at Magdalen College, Oxford
Goodbye to Bluebell Season and England
Carew Castle & Coastal Cliffs in Pembrokeshire, Wales
A Medieval Town of Books: Hay-on-Wye, Wales