Monday, May 15, 2017

Goodbye to Bluebell Season & England

Wytham Woods at Oxford University is used for environmental research and hosts art studios.

As eager as I am to return home after a year abroad, England is hard to leave during bluebell season. It's been a fun and productive sabbatical in two countries. My UK young adult novel is revised, and I've started writing a new YA novel set in Japan. We spent lots of time with our British family, caught with old friends, and explored new places. I will blog about last week's marvelous vacation in Wales soon.

Wild bluebells and rapeseed fields at Wytham Woods

This week I'll be mostly offline moving back to Maine. More later!

Bluebell woods at Pangbourne College in Berkshire, my husband's old school.


cynthia said...

Has it been a year already? Love the bluebell shots--especially the second one through the woods.

Amanda Summer said...

Safe travels, Sarah. I will look forward to your posts about Wales.

khaki said...

What an amazing experience. The photos are beautiful!!!

thecuecard said...

Wow love the color of the bluebells! Very pretty. Hope your transition back to Maine goes smoothly .... back in time for a perfect summer.

Sarah Laurence said...

Cynthia, it's been an academic year. We were in Japan for 2 months, home for a month, and then in the UK for 4 months. It feels like we've been gone for two years after all that organizing and travel.

Amanda, thanks, we arrived home last night. I hope to have the first Wales post up next week.

kacky, thank you! It was even more spectacular in person.

Cue, It's hard to capture in one frame the wide expanse of it, like floating in purple-blue mist. It is nice to be home on a summery day in Maine. Back in England it is a typical rainy 50s day. I'm signing off to unpack.

Rose said...

It would be hard to leave such a beautiful place! I just finished reading Bill Bryson's "The Road to Little Dribbling," and now I want to go to the UK more than ever. Welcome back!

Petra Pavlátková said...

Those bluebells look wonderful, Sarah, there are so many of them. In the first photo it almost looks as if the trees had their roots in water. :)

Donna said...

Those photos and bluebells are gorgeous. I've loved your posts and pictures from England and I'll miss them. But welcome back!