Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Blog Directories

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This is a special Blog Watch post focusing on book blogs. My regular weekly blog is posted above or click on Chelsea Art and Lunch. Several book bloggers have been organizing directories which I’ve listed below.

Book Blog Directories:
1. Maw Books Directory: all book blogs
2. BBAW Directory: all book blogs
3. YA Book Blog Directory: Young Adult book and author blogs
4. YA Blogosphere: YA book blog profiles
5. Kidlitosphere: children’s and YA book and author blogs
6. childrensbookreviews: a wiki of children’s and YA book blogs
7. BritLitBlogs: UK book blogs only

The most interesting is YA Blogosphere (#4) which posts detailed profiles of blogs that include reviews of YA books. Hey, Teenager of the Year and The Story Siren have teamed up to create it.

Galleycat showed how distributing free e-book readers to reviewers and switching to digi-ARCs would be greener and save publishers money. ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies.

I usually review 2 Adult or YA novels a month. I focus on contemporary fiction and only blog about books that I love.  Writing quality matters the most to me. My reviews are listed in my sidebar by author along with book blogs that I follow.

If you know of other book blog directories, please leave a comment.  I'm hoping to turn this into an updated index.


tina said...

The longer I blog the more I am amazed at the variety of blogs out there and all have their niche. Blogging is a wealth of information!

I will be reviewing a wonderful garden book next month. The agent sent me an advance copy and the author (Andrea Wulf) will be in Nashville the first week of June so I thought why not? It is called The Brother Gardeners and is about the complete history of gardening between Britain and the United States. Very good reading! And for one who does not read so much anymore.

TBM said...

Ooo. Thanks for the heads up on these directories! I'm saving this post...

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

As always thanks for a great blog and useful information. I agree with Tina regarding blogging and your blog ranks as one of the best. :-)
Keep up the good work!!

Bee said...

Thanks for this, Sarah. I will check out some of these as soon as I get caught up on all of my "regulars."

Sarah Laurence said...

Tina, I’m looking forward to your review. ARCs are so exciting. You should be sure to set aside time to read in your garden as well as tend to it.

JAPRA, I thought you’d like this directory. There are a bunch of good YA blogs out there that Roxi might enjoy.

Tracy, I’m honored by your accolade. Thank you!

Bee, there can almost be too much of a good thing. These directories help organize it.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Uh oh. More places to steal my time!!!

D.A. Riser said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the excellent info. I'm saving the link to your post for future reference.

This is just a thought, but I suspect that in the future we'll see one website emerge as the pre-eminent place to search.

Sarah Laurence said...

Pamela, isn’t that so true?

DA, good thought, I hope you are right. One website with all the book blog listings would be a big help to bloggers, authors, readers and publishers. Only one directory has listed my blog, probably because I don’t post exclusively about books.