Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunset on Bailey Island

Mackerel Cove, Bailey Island, Maine 12/25/09

Endings are beginnings.  As 2009 sinks below the horizon, a new year will dawn.

Lobster season ended on Christmas except for fishermen with offshore permits.
In June lobsters and tourists will return to coastal Maine.

In December the cliff paths are near empty, slippery in ice and snow.

The sea beats the jagged shore.  The spray intensifies the chill.

The setting sun offers little warmth, and yet even the rocks reach for it.

Lichen is the only green.

Snow hides from the hungry sea in rock pockets.

Tidal flows freeze in motion, as if enchanted.

“O brave new world that has such people in’t!”
-Miranda, The Tempest by William Shakespeare

I wish you all a most Happy New Year.


David Cranmer said...

I cannot wait to return to Maine. A place I instantly fell in love with because of the picturesque scenery. These photos captured that beauty.

Les said...

Stunning, simply stunning! The rocks going into the water are especially beautiful. I can feel the icy cold spray. My own walk by the water will be posted in the next day or two. I hope you and your family have the best of New Years.

walk2write said...

Such beautiful words to go with your inspiring photos! It's important to keep a positive perspective about people and places. Those rocks were thrust up at an angle like that because of some cataclysmic event eons ago, and they're protecting the coastline from erosion by the sea. Sarah, I hope that you and your family have a most Happy New Year!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Gorgeous. I felt like I was on that brisk walk watching the sun gleam across the cove and marveling at the frozen tidal flow. Thanks and Happy New Year to you.

Rosaria Williams said...

Spectacular photos: intimate and real.

Dawn Maria said...

You have an incredible eye Sarah. What beautiful images to enter the New Year with. I'm ready to say goodbye to a year that professionally was difficult, but those very difficulties brought new awareness that makes entering the new year less frightening.

New beginnings give all the opportunity to explore the horizon.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lord, that looks cold!!
I wish you a lovely New Year! May all your dreams come true!

Yolanda said...

These are so pretty makes me long to return to Maine. I hope you have a wonderful 2010.

Barrie said...

And a most Happy New Year to you and yours. May all your dreams come true in 2010. (p.s. Love the photos of a world so different from mine. ;) )

tina said...

And the same to you Sarah. I can tell the days are getting longer already and I even have a few plants in bloom. I'd trade them for that sunset though:)

Sarah Laurence said...

David, your praise means all the more because you know. Thank you!

Les, it was amazing to see turbulent seawater frozen like that. I’m looking forward to joining your walk on the water too. Happy New Year!

W2w, thanks for adding the geological background to this post. Happy New Year!

Tricia, I enjoyed my walk all the more knowing that I would be sharing it with my blog buddies. Happy New Year!

Lakeviewer, thanks!

DM, this past year wasn’t our best either. I bet many people would agree. Sometimes downtime is good for reflection. It sounds like you’ve used your hardships for improvement. I do hope you have a better year. At least the economy is picking up.

Pamela, it is even colder now. We couldn’t see out the bedroom windows this morning due to frost. It finally made it up to double digits so we bundled up for a walk. Thanks for your well wishes!

Yolanda, Happy New Year to you too!

Barrie, I shall come to your blog to warm up. Bring on those good vibes for 2010 – thank you!

Tina, blooms and sunsets are a good trade on the blog market. I'm looking forward to your return to blogging - soon I hope?

☆sapphire said...


Great photos!! So lovely! I like the first and second seascapes very much!

As for the suibokuga I mentioned the other day, of the two images in my mind, one was by Sakai Hoitsu and the other from a museum in Osaka. Both of them are about red plum blossoms and branches but they did remind of your lovely photo and painting. I'll show them to you in February or March when I post on plum trees.
A Happy New Year to YOU!!

Sarah Laurence said...

Sapphire, thanks for following up on my art question. I look forward to seeing those images on your blog. I love how you combine classic art, prose and photos to explain Japanese culture. Happy New Year!

Phillip Oliver said...

So rugged and beautiful - wonderful photography. I'd love to visit Maine one day.

Hana Njau-Okolo said...

You portray the beauty of the earth so poignantly always! You stretch the frontiers of my imagination; amazing photographs!

Happy New Year to you!!!

Sarah Laurence said...

Phillip, you would love Maine. I really enjoyed the walk in the woods on your blog too.

MS, thank you and Happy New Year!

A Cuban In London said...

'Endings are beginnings. As 2009 sinks below the horizon, a new year will dawn.'

You might take the blogger out of the writer when the holiday season is upon us, but you can NEVER take the writer out of the blogger. :-)

That was a treat, the photos, the text, everything. I hope 2010 brings you health and happiness to you and your beautiful family.

I have got a couple of other authors I would like to feature on my blog but I need to clear the copyright issue first. And Garri has already let me know that he would be up for any project I might pitch to him. We'll soon be featured in a book about multilingualism. One of my 'Living in a Bilingual World' columns was selected along with one of Garrincha's images.

Many thanks for your support and encouragement. I hope your new novel is going well. I look forward to your reviews in 2010.

Greetings from London.

Charlotte said...

Another picture book perambulation, complete with poetry.

cynthia newberry martin said...

Sarah, I have to agree with A Cuban in London on two points. I loved what you wrote about endings and beginnings: 'Endings are beginnings. As 2009 sinks below the horizon, a new year will dawn.'

I also agree with his point about blogging and writing: "You might take the blogger out of the writer when the holiday season is upon us, but you can NEVER take the writer out of the blogger."

This post with its words and photos was perfect for New Year's Eve--Happy New Year to you too!

Sarah Laurence said...

ACIL, ha! You always know how to read between the pictures. I am guilty of choosing novel writing over blog writing these past few weeks when time has been scarce, but it has been well worth if. My novel is delighting me, and after my blogation, I feel refreshed. I really missed you all. How wonderful to hear that your writer/illustrator collaboration will continue on your blog. Congratulations on your coming publication! I’m not at all surprised.

Charlotte, I love your idea of using these posts for a picture book. Someday. Love your new profile image!

Cynthia, thank you. I’m hoping we will both enjoy our new beginnings this year. Your MFA sounds like a great opportunity for you. Happy New Year!

Rose said...

I can feel the chill through your description, Sarah, but the sea looks so beautiful and inviting here. You've captured its beauty so well in your photos.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, as well!

Sarah Laurence said...

Rose, it is chilly, but the cold air makes for stunning sunsets and a clarity of vision. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

What a stunning -- if freezing --walk.
I felt cold just looking at the wonderful pictures.
Hope you and your family are well and cheerful.
Wishing you all the best for 2010
hope to see you in Ny before too very long.

Sarah Laurence said...

Elizabeth, we don’t have any immediate plans to go to NYC. Right now we’re enjoying six inches of fresh snow, and the storm isn’t even half over. Great skiing! Happy 2010 to you too!

Delwyn said...

Hello Sarah

firstly I wish you many happy creative days in this new year and second I have been reading back and picked up further book recommendations in the comments of the post about Mocket's book. Thank you.

I am loving Genji (misspelled him last time)and his amorous afflictions! but can only read it at certain times as it is too heavy an epic to prop up in bed and turn pages. It could have been broken into 3 sections for ease of reading.

Your pictures of the Maine shoreline I loved as I have never seen a shore like that.

Happy days

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Beautiful scenes...Maine at its clearest! May you also have a successful and joyous 2010, Sarah!

Elenka said...

Same to you Sarah. Love the tree in the 3rd photo down. I could soooo see a brush doing that!!!
Best to you.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...


Beautiful words for beautiful pictures.

Thank-You for sharing and I hope you and your family will have a "Happy New year"

Tracy :)

Sarah Laurence said...

Delwyn, good, I think you’ll like those novels. No need to apologize for a misspelling in a comment – I do that myself. I love seeing your coastal photos of Australia too. I’m looking forward to seeing your new location when you get settled.

Elenka, Bailey Island is one of my favorite places to paint. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful state.

Cynthia, yes, Maine is often very clear during the winter. Happy 2010 to you too!

Tracy, thank you and Happy New Year!

Bee said...

I don't think that I entirely understand what Miranda means, and yet I find the words beautiful. I'm sure the landscape you reveal is cold to be in, but it is warm and wondrous to look at.

Very best (and hopeful!) wishes for the new year, Sarah.

Sarah Laurence said...

Bee, I was hoping someone would notice the Shakespeare. Miranda, who grew up on an isolated island with only her father and Caliban (a witch’s son,) says these words upon realizing that there are many more men in the world. Her words came to me as I happened upon another person out on a frozen island on Christmas Eve. He also had a serious camera. I don’t usually go around quoting Shakespeare, but my protagonist from “as u like it” does, and I’ve been writing. Characters can get under my blogskin. Happy New Year to you too!

troutbirder said...

Wonderful pictures and words to bring in the New Year. The best to you and yours Sarah!

Sarah Laurence said...

Troutbirder, thank you and best to you and your expanding family!

TBM said...

Beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar, Sarah! Blessings to you and your family.

Sarah Laurence said...

JAPRA, love your Dutch!

Donna said...

So beautiful! Wow!

Sarah Laurence said...

Donna, thanks!

Anil P said...

The second picture showing the grass delimiting the foreground is a nice one.

Wish you a happy new year 2010.

Sarah Laurence said...

Anil, happy new year to you too!