Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thai Turkey Meatballs Recipe

It's a challenge finding simple but healthy meals that the entire family will eat with enthusiasm. My husband's recipe for Thai meatballs served in lettuce leaves is his own marvelous creation. This dish is traditionally made with ground pork, but he switched to turkey to be healthier. The recipe is easy enough for our teenaged son to prepare in a half an hour, and everyone loves it. Leftovers reheat well in the microwave.


1 ½ lbs ground turkey
1  egg
¼ cup breadcrumbs
1/2 small red pepper chopped fine
1/2 cup dry roasted peanuts, chopped
1/2 cup cilantro leaves, chopped
2 scallions (or 1 small onion), chopped fine
juice of ½ a lime
2 cloves garlic, minced or crushed
2 tbs soy sauce
1 tsp Thai Fish Sauce
2 tbs brown sugar
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
pinch of chilli powder
ground pepper and salt to taste

Mix all ingredients together. 

Form into small ball-patties and shallow fry in 2 tbs vegetable oil for 7-10 minutes.
(Optional: add a drop of sesame oil to the cooking oil for extra flavor.) 

Serve in romaine lettuce leaves with bottled Thai Peanut Sauce 
or Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Good with jasmine rice or naan bread.


tina said...

It looks delicious!

troutbirder said...

Handsome young chef there Sarah. Heathy and tasty is definitely good. Other than eating out ethnic, my personal home cooked experience was largely Norske and German. Of course then theor's Mrs. T's wok, which is another story... :)

☆sapphire said...

It looks yummy and your son looks great with an apron! Thai dishes sometimes taste too strong and too flavorful but yours sounds just tasty judging from the recipe!!

Thank you for the post about "The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
I'm going to place an order online!!

A Cuban In London said...

Is this a new direction for you? Because if it is, you started on the right foot! I love Turkish food. I have Turkish colleagues at work and I'm always taking advantage of the dishes they bring. Thanks for this recipe. I suppose that's your son in the picture. If so, well done to him and to his parents for encouraging him to cook. Both my children love cooking, especially sweet things (dad's sigh! :-D)

Greetings from London.

khaki said...

Perfect! I love it- Thanks!!!! Will try that this week- no joke. That looks fantastic. We are always looking for new recipes and we both love Thai food. Thanks!!!! Anything with jasmine rice is hard to beat! Where was Scout during the cooking? Underfoot I would imagine. =0)

Elizabeth said...

So good to have an extra chef on hand.
This sounds delicious and not too challenging. We must try it here.
We have exactly the same plates to serve them on.

Amanda Summer said...

i love lettuce wraps and these meatballs sound delicious - just might make this tonight. enticingly displayed on chinese export porcelain!

(as elizabeth said, i bet you're happy to have this wonderful help in the kitchen)

Cat said...

These look delicious. I make turkey meatballs too but typically stick with an Italian influence. Your husband's choice of ingredients will make a nice change.

My daughter surprised me this week (spring break) with the comment that she would like to visit Maine. Can you give any insight as to where we might visit on a 3-4 day girls trip?
Thanks, Sarah.

Stephanie Strong said...

I made this tonight and it was perfect! Looked exactly like your photograph. I've popped it into my "sure thing" file for future reference.

Carol said...

Looks delicious Sarah! How lovely to have your son cook dinner!! Wonderful photos!

Sarah Laurence said...

All, sorry to be late to reply. I haven’t been online much this week and spent a lot of time outside this weekend enjoying 60-degree weather, finally!

Tina, it is yummy.

Troutbirder, he’s a fine young chef but he cooks more while camping in the woods than at home. Those pictures were taken last year for a school project. He had to prepare the food for his class and translate the recipe into Spanish. It sounds like you eat well at home too.

Sapphire, he takes after his father in the kitchen. This dish isn’t that spicy. I’d love to hear what you think of Green’s Stars.

ACIL, it’s actually Thai, not Turkish. I’d be curious to try that cuisine too. That is a photo of my son from last year.

Kacky, let me know how it comes out. The photos were taken prior to Scout. Otherwise, you are right: she would be underfoot sniffing.

Elizabeth, I got my first Blue Italian on Portobello Road in London. The dinner set was an engagement gift from my parents. We’ve added to it over the years.

Amanda, we really enjoyed seeing your photos. Thanks for emailing them! I’m glad it came out well. The china is British Blue Italian, a pattern Spode has been manufacturing since 1816 (see my reply to Elizabeth above.)

Cat, it depends on what you like doing and when you are going to Maine. Email me here:

Stephanie, I’m so glad it came out! Thanks for sharing.

Carol, thanks!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Sarah

I love turkey meat and will give this recipe a try.

Thanks for sharing!

Tracy :)

A Cuban In London said...

Oopsie daisy! Yes, it's Thai, you're right. The things is that I've eaten Thai food and love it. Now, how did I make that mistake? :-)

Greetings from London.