Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sunset at Popham Beach Off-Season

Off-season sand is mirror smooth.

Only neoprened surfers brave the sea.

The horizon stretches wider than my vision.

When I despair that all is blue,

Nature surprises me with a flare of crimson.

Then daylight fades like cooling embers, 

Leaving nothing but abstraction.


thecuecard said...

Beautiful Sarah! Love the colors and the beach!

Amanda Summer said...

I never get tired of the ocean and its many moods. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images~

Les said...

A trip to the ocean for me is the equivalent as kneeling at the communion rail is to others. Lovely photos.

tina said...


Sarah Laurence said...

All, thanks!

Les, Amen!

Barrie said...

My gosh, but you're talented!

Bee said...

Such beautiful pictures, Sarah.
The ones shot with red are definitely dramatic!